The best rates for elite MCAT Tutoring that you can find anywhere


Our pitch is simple: we offer the highest quality 1-on-1 MCAT tutoring on the market. All tutoring is done online by qualified, professional tutors, who are experienced at boosting your score through helping you with problems, filling in any educational gaps, and providing test-taking tips and tricks.

You can pay hourly ($125) or as a package – there’s no minimum number of sessions. Start by signing up for a 1-hour trial session with your MCAT Nerd specialist and take it from there.  


We are proud to provide our students with the best customized, 1-on-1 MCAT prep available, from tutors who are proven MCAT Experts (all scored at least 519/98th percentile).

Most importantly, each one of our tutors is carefully screened to ensure that they are engaging, personable, and supportive. Our tutors will help you build your confidence and overcome test taking anxiety as you master the MCAT content material. Our tutors formulate a customized plan for you to help you master every theoretical and practical trick the MCAT throws your way.

Our tutors have experience delivering results.  Read our testimonials to see what students have to say!




  • MCAT Score 525 (100th percentile)
  • University of California, Berkeley

Phil Martinez


  • MCAT Score: 520 (98th percentile) 
  • Cornell University undergraduate, rising M1 at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Tobias Atkins, M.D.


  • MCAT Score: 520 (98th percentile) 
  • SUNY Downstate College of Medicine


How and where do the sessions take place?

All MCAT Nerds tutoring is performed online via either Zoom or Skype. This way, you can be paired with the best MCAT tutor fit for you regardless of location.

Is there a lesson plan and schedule?

MCAT Nerds tutoring is customized to each student’s individual needs, which are understood through initial sessions and assessments. Our tutors have had incomparable success in getting MCAT students high scores, with overall score improvements generally ranging from 10-24 points. It is important to keep in mind that individual improvement is dependent on the student. If you are seeking a guarantee of a specific score, please contact us to discuss options.

Is CARS (Critical Analysis and Reading Skills) tutoring included? 

Absolutely. Almost uniformly, U.S. medical schools consider the CARS sub-section score of the MCAT to be the most important for admitting students, since it correlates most closely with USMLE scores in medical school, so CARS tutoring is an especially vital component in your journey to medical school admission.

How often do you meet? How much do you charge?

Session frequency ranges from weekly to daily, and exact times and hours will be scheduled depending on your personal needs and goals. Hourly rates are $125/hr, with bulk-hour packages available at even lower rates. 

Most students receive between 20 and 35 hours of tutoring to achieve their goal. We understand that each student may have different needs and goals, and our high-performance MCAT tutoring will be customized accordingly.

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